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Strictly Sports Streaming -

Top Sports Events of 2014

Champions League 2014 When it comes to Live Stream Sports sky is the limit. Streamers can able to watch or do Cricket Live Streaming for any number of hours as the game of cricket has been played even for five continuous days in the longer version of the game called Test matches played between two countries. The case is very true for the shorter versions of the games like One Day International (ODI) and T20 International the most popular version

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Top Official Sports TV Online

There is nothing like witnessing a match in person, but in case that is not feasible one has to depend on sports channel that stream the sporting event. Sports channels are special TV channels that stream sports events and when not streaming broadcast sport news and other relevant issues. Streaming stands for delivering content live over internet using source media like video camera, audio interface, and screen capture software along with encoder to digitalize the content, a media publisher and

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Top 9 Third party sites that offer free streaming solutions

If you want to see any movie or any sport event n cable but the cable provider is not offering, then it is better to look for the free streaming sites. Watching events online without downloading is called free streaming. There are many third party sites that offer free streaming solutions. The great advantage of these sites, besides being free, is that these save the downloading time as event are  played as they  arrive. While some of them compromise with

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Watching live sports streaming can provide virtual on-the-field experience

Streaming helps to transfer data so that it can be received and presented as a steady and continuous stream. This is becoming more and more important with the growth of the internet as because most of the users are not able to download large multimedia files quickly. Streaming allows a client media player to play the data even before transmission of the entire file has been completed. Live streaming means delivering live content over the internet using source media, encoder

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World’s Largest Sports Events By Viewing

Some of the Popular Sports Events: Leaders For Cricket World Cup 2015 Cricket needs good captains as the game is completely a team sport unlike tennis, squash, badminton etc. Probable captains of all the participating teams are guessed widely by the cricket fans. Among the popular captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni from India is well known for his attacking batting. His captaincy has been well proved as India won the last Cricket World Cup 2011. Other probable captains include Michele Clark

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Kobe the Quitter: How Power Corrupts

June 1st, 2007 by

In 2004, the Lakers signed Kobe Bryant to a seven-year, $137 million dollar contract days after they traded Shaquille O’Neal to Miami. This week, Bryant became infuriated when a Los Angeles Times columnist quoted a Lakers “insider” as

Original post by Denny McLain

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